Aquamarine Bracelet for Men - The Light | Lina Snara
Aquamarine Bracelet for Men - The Light | Lina Snara

Aquamarine Bracelet for Women - The Light

Courage, joy, protection
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This bracelet for men with 10 mm natural Aquamarine beads assist with spiritual growth, intuition.

Authentic Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Bead “The Light” made of 925 silver (~2.07 g).

Stone Meaning

This is one of the most prized gems because it is believed that aquamarine protects one’s life path, helps to avoid confusion, cultivates joy and provides courage to solve any problem. This stone acts quickly and gently by distributing the energy evenly throughout the body. It creates a shield to protect both - spiritual and physical bodies from negativity.

The energy of this gemstone is specific, defined and balancing. Aquamarine can empower those who are determined to achieve their goals, both professional and non-professional, as this stone is not scared of any obstacles, hurt, or controversy.

Aquamarine is also called the stone of spiritual awareness, which can help expand spiritual, emotional and mental stability, to unwrap the downloads that come from prayers and meditations, as well as strengthens your connection with the Higher Self. It also helps to understand your inner world better. Appears in nature in several colors: from light to dark blue as well as greenish-blue.

This jewelry is lovingly packaged in a gift box and comes with a list of stone’s qualities.