Labradorite Bracelet for Men - The Light | Lina Snara
Labradorite Bracelet for Men - The Light | Lina Snara

9 mm Labradorite Bracelet for Men - The Light

Protection, assistance in finding one’s path
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This bracelet for men with 9 mm natural Labradorite beads protects the wearer, the loved ones, surroundings and home. It has an accent handcrafted charm “Light” made of 925 silver (~2.07 g).

Stone Meaning

Labradorite is a guardian stone. It protects from various negative phenomena and situations. It guards not only you and your body but also protects your home and workplace. If you are meeting and interacting with difficult people, labradorite corrects the situation: it either helps avoid unpleasant interactions or helps the meetings to go smoothly and favorably. Labradorite protects, cleanses and balances the auric field, reduces stress, anxiety, finetunes brain activity, helps the nervous system, and the digestive tract.

Labradorite is also a guiding stone. It helps you with the transformation of thought, intuition, strength and facilitates the ability to think clearly, become more self-reliant and connected to the stream of abundance. It connects your mind, intelligence, feelings, and instincts into a well-balanced whole, thus encouraging a multileveled mastery. It helps survive anxiety and worries and guides you firmly on your path. Labradorite assists with the fulfillment of your mission on Earth, or simply highlights it.  

High-quality Labradorite has an optical rainbow, also known as a “Schiller” effect, which produces a bluish light as the angle of refraction changes. 

This jewelry is lovingly packaged in a gift box and comes with a list of stone’s qualities.
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