Pietersite Bracelet for Men - Vytis | Lina Snara
Pietersite Bracelet for Men - Vytis | Lina Snara

Pietersite Bracelet for Men - Vytis

Spiritual growth, help during difficult times
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This bracelet for men with 9 mm natural Pietersite beads assists with spiritual growth and promotes intuition. It has an accent handcrafted charm “Vytis” made of 925 silver.

Stone Meaning

Rare and unique Pietersite is also known as the “storm stone” because it carries such a charge as if the storm is raging within it. This 1.2 billion-year-old stone greatly stimulates your energy field, helps you get rid of addictions and negative habits. It energizes your mind and inspires action, so you are willing to take necessary actions to bring about the changes needed in your life.

Pietersite is valued as a strong friend who is there for you during a difficult or chaotic period, helping to manage difficult situations and unforeseen twists in both – personal and professional lives. The Storm Stone has a strong vibration that helps you connect with your deepest spiritual Self. This crystal enables you to see the “bigger picture” and helps focus your energy towards a specific vision.

This jewelry is lovingly packaged in a gift box and comes with a list of stone’s qualities.

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