Lazurite Necklace "Wisdom" | Lina Snara
Lazurite Necklace "Wisdom" | Lina Snara

Lazurite Necklace "Wisdom"

Wisdom, truth, glory
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This necklace for women with two14 mm natural Lazurite beads attracts success in activities, business, self-realization, growth, personal goals, inner strength, joy. It has an accent handcrafted charm made of 925 silver. Total length of necklace 76 cm, weight of silver 925 4,92 g

Stone Meaning

Lazurite is a stone of wisdom, truth and glory. In ancient times, rulers loved this stone because they believed that lazurite brought success, invited the grace of the gods, and helped them rule. Today, lazurite is worn to help find one’s path, open to the wisdom, infuse with objectivity and clarity. It is believed that lazurite helps those who are pondering a question “who am I” by opening the wearer to heightened awareness, teaching to read the signs and stimulating intelligence and logical thinking. Also, lazurite can help in love, self-expression and bring success at work or business.

Beware! The demand for natural lazurite is greater than its’ availability, thus you will find blue colored calcite, jasper, sodalite, agate, glass, ceramic and plastics sold as “lazurite”. 

This jewelry is lovingly packaged in a gift box and comes with a list of stone’s qualities.