Black Tourmaline Necklace | Lina Snara
Black Tourmaline Necklace | Lina Snara
Black Tourmaline Necklace | Lina Snara

Black Tourmaline Necklace

Emotional balance, spiritual growth
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This necklace for women with ~15x10x10 mm natural Black Tourmaline calms intense emotions, harmonizes, reconnects to self-worth and soul’s peace.

It has an authentic Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Pendant  “The Light” made of 925 silver.

Stone Meaning

Protection, knowledge, rational thinking. This crystal provides a vital force for the growth of the spirit and the physical body. Black Tourmaline provides emotional stability and intellectual acuity.
Black stones symbolize self-control and the ability to quickly regain physical and spiritual strength. Help recognize your inner strength and choose its’ direction, as well as to recognize and analyze your mistakes. It gives the mental clarity of thought, concentration, a stance of position, self-control, develops patience, stamina and discipline. Promotes intellectual ability and creative practicality, logic, and rationality. Soothes emotions, tension, anger, revenge, jealousy, develops patience, stamina, discipline, and provides effective protection against any kind of negative exterior influences.
The American Indians worshiped this stone because they believed that using this crystal would protect from all spells. It shields the wearer and protects against negativity not only us but also our environment, especially in times of adversity. It redirects negative energy and helps maintain stability.
Not only does black tourmaline equalize and center the energies, it also excels at grounding. It helps those who are dreaming and unable to turn their dreams into reality or those who start many projects and are not able to finish them.

Medallion made with a similar technique as the forged medals. On one side of the medallion is the Spiral, a symbol of new beginnings, constant change, symbolizes light; on the other inscription - Naturally perfect - a reminder that we are a perfect part of the perfect nature.

Sold with 45 cm or 60 cm silver 925 chains. In a photograph, the model is wearing a 45 cm chain.
This jewelry is lovingly packaged in a gift box and comes with a list of stone’s qualities.