Obsidian Bracelet for Men - The Light | Lina Snara
Obsidian Bracelet for Men - The Light | Lina Snara

Obsidian Bracelet "Inner Strength"

Inner strength, protection
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This bracelet with 10 mm natural Obsidian beads attracts success in activities, business,  personal goals, inner strength and joy. It has an accent handcrafted charm made of 925 silver (~2.07 g).

Stone Meaning

Power, protection, awareness of one's own positive and negative sides. Obsidian is a stone of strength that helps you gain authority not only within, but also in society. It provides clarity, protects from stress and eliminates negative energy. Obsidian helps you fight for spiritual freedom, enhances insight, even encourages clairvoyance. 

This volcanic glass helps to get rid of annoying thoughts, unnecessary actions, encourages and reduces the desire to alienate, promotes seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, helps to overcome fears, restores self-confidence. Obsidian is one of the main stones assisting with grounding and connecting to the core of the Earth. You can also use this stone to understand the root of the problem or situation. Obsidian gives a sense of security, confidence and stability. 

This jewelry is lovingly packaged in a gift box and comes with a list of stone’s qualities.
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