Golden Sun Stone Bracelet for Women - The Light - Round | Lina Snara
Golden Sun Stone Bracelet for Women - The Light - Round | Lina Snara

Golden Sun Stone Bracelet for Women - The Light - Round

Emotional balance, spiritual growth
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Bracelet for women with 10 mm natural Golden Sun tone attracts success in activities, business, self-realization, growth, personal goals, inner strength, joy.

Authentic handmade Solid Sterling Silver Bead “The Light - round” is made of 925 silver (~2.66 g).

Stone Meaning

Joy and self-realization. The importance of this mineral is closely linked to luck as well as to happiness and abundance. For the Greeks, this mineral symbolized the “Gold of the Sun”, which brings abundance, happiness and success. Sunstone promotes positive energy, determination and will. It is believed that this beautiful stone dispels fear and inspires vitality and optimism.

Also, sunstone enables the blossoming and understanding of one’s feelings and thoughts, elevates the mood, promotes sincerity. It encourages the flow of life force energy, sense of autonomy, individuality, builds confidence and self-esteem. It helps to better understand the cycles that are closing in your life, helps evaluate past experiences, draw conclusions and move onto new endeavors and goals. During stressful times it helps maintain balance and a clear mind.

This member of the Feldspar family seems to be filled with the radiance and power of the Sun itself. It is evident how this crystal got its’ name once you come in contact with it. Sunstone is one of the most powerful crystals and a great protector.

A+ grade quality Golden Sunstone

This jewelry is lovingly packaged in a gift box and comes with a list of stone’s qualities.