My Story

For over 20 years, I had worked in a corporate position that did not either pleased nor inspired me. The"achievements" or the projects carried on led to a growing sense of meaningless and emptiness.

One day, I will decide to close the door to my many-year "career" and dedicate me to creativity - where the heart led.

All my creation revolves around a stone. This is the central axis, my source of inspiration. I admire these naturally perfect creations of the Earth and all my jewelry only with 100 percent natural stones.

I saw the spiral in the silent moment of meditation - the sign that I was looking for to express my creation came easily as if it was sent the Universe itself.

The spiral in various cultures symbolizes harmony, new beginnings, growth, light, endless flow of energy. This is how the Universe spins, so do the Energy.

In the middle of the spiral is gold. It is a symbol of the pure Light and Love within each Man and you.

The dot at the bottom of the spiral is the roots that connect man to Earth.

This is how LINA SNARA logo was born.

 Every stone has its own character, just like we, humans. Find your soul mate.


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