Self-Cultivation Jewellery

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The Spiral Can Take You Anywhere

Some people in this world are different. They walk among us radiating invincible joy, inner power and peace. Their game is a lifelong spiral of self-cultivation. They are sometimes called the happy wonderers, the inhabitants of “seventh heaven”. Others think of them as eccentrics who refuse to adapt. But, in their hearts, everybody would want to learn their secret.

We may self-indulge in the illusion that we know everything. But the world would go insane if there were no secrets left and no people ready to embrace them.

Precious Stones. Precious Secrets.

Where does one find it, the secret of life? How does one live a life without anxiety, discontent, lethargy and self doubt? Some may choose to hide behind status symbols and fake smiles. Others will turn to philosophical literature and still fail to find the right answers. Some will seek happiness by climbing the career mountain only to find out that it’s hard to breathe on top. The key, however, is often closer than we think it is. You see, the secret can be unravelled through natural objects that have been around for millions of years and have accumulated unmeasurable amounts of vital energy. Such is the power of precious stones. 

Scientists and mystics agree that natural precious stones have special properties. A stone is alive in a sense that it can synchronize with human body vibrations: its energy impacts a person’s well-being, helps liberate personal talents, empowers us to open up to love and success. By connecting to the stone’s untapped source of energy, you can aid yourself in your self-cultivation quest.


“Precious stones require silence and serenity to wake up. That’s when they show their hidden powers, that’s when they start playing their game.

The stones sure did transform my life, empowering me to give up on a successful, yet unsatisfying and emotionally draining career. The stones have shown me a different way.

When you look deeply into a stone, you realize that it knows you better than you do yourself. The stone craves your touch and is ready to share its mysteries with you. On their own, gemstones are powerless. It’s only in relation to their new master that their magic begins to unfold.

It’s undeniable that different stones have different powers. But the key in this game is INTUITION: if you spontaneously prefer a given piece of gemstone jewellery, it means that the stones have made a decision for you”.

Brand Founder Lina Šnarė


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