Read Before Buying

A cultivated mind is trained to keep away from all things fake: fake people, fake relationships and fake stones. A luxury to be happy depends on such an attitude.

Unfortunately, all around the world the precious stone jewellery industry is suffering from fakeness. The majority of stones in the market are either painted, heated or even irradiated. For example dyed agates are sold as „malachite“, „carnelian“, „onyx“ or other „minerals“. Radiated mountain crystal becomes fake „smoky quartz“. Simple plastic covered with golden glue becomes „pyrite“. Lots of rose quartz jewellery sold in the market is artificially colored or covered with color vax to enhance its pink color. Jewellery made from fake stones won’t do the trick. Even if it can fool an untrained eye, it will never be able to deceive body and soul.

Obsessed with Authenticity

At LINA SNARA, we work tirelessly to challenge the dishonesties of the gemstone marketplace. Therefore, we are committed to crafting accessories only from pre-selected and verifiably authentic precious and semi-precious stones. Extra precautions are adopted to guarantee the premium qualify of each gemstone jewellery item:

Shorter Supply Chain

Transparency and the elimination of intermediaries are the key principles of our supply processes. We prioritize sourcing precious stones directly from miners and factories. Because LINA SNARA jewellery is sold throughout the Old Continent, we have developed the economy of scale effect which allows us to get great deals from major reputable suppliers.

No Stone Unturned

Whenever a new batch of stones is delivered to LINA SNARA workshop, every stone is individually examined to eliminate any possibility of misunderstandings or mistakes. There were cases when we refused to accept delivery due to doubt over gemstone authenticity.

Gemological Examination at the National Assay Office

Third party examinations are crucial to avoid bias. LINA SNARA collaborates with the Lithuanian Assay Office. This is also where all our silver is assayed. 925 silver is used in all LINA SNARA jewellery pieces.

Dear friends, beware of fake people and fake relationships. And leave it to us to protect you from fake stones.