Chalcedony Bracelet for Women - The Light - Round | Lina Snara
Chalcedony Bracelet for Women - The Light - Round | Lina Snara

Chalcedony Bracelet for Women - The Light - Round

Optimism and serenity
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Bracelet for women with 10 mm natural Chalcedony beads calms intense emotions, harmonizes, reconnects to self-worth and soul’s peace

Authentic handmade Solid Sterling Silver Bead “The Light ” is made of 925 silver (~2.66 g).

Stone Meaning

Subtle and calm, perfect for someone who longs for peace and wants to experience being “here and now”. Chalcedony works primarily with the mind and helps eliminate worries and concerns with ease and gentleness. Its’ soothing blue hues assist you in eliminating self-doubt and helps overcome negative thought patterns by replacing them with the healthy ones. This mineral soothes you through the process of mental transformation and helps ground in the “here and now”, instead of being stuck in the past or worrying about the future.

Chalcedony’s eternal qualities instill a feeling of eternal life and help accept what is in the present moment. If you are prone to irrational anger, fear or even suffer from anxiety attacks, - this stone will help eliminate and dissolve the mind’s tricks and replace them with a feeling of serenity and ability to think rationally. Stay optimistic, calm and stop worrying – this is Chalcedony’s message to you.

Everyone who is drawn to Chalcedony can wear it. It is especially beneficial for people who work in the communication field, teenagers, pregnant women.

This jewelry is lovingly packaged in a gift box and comes with a list of stone’s qualities.